Ten After Dawn
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"Are you in or not? What ever it takes, are you still with me?"

Available now on all major platforms.

Dark Synth-Pop from Finland. A rare phrase to describe any Finnish music act, but for this trio, it might be the best. Ten After Dawn is unique in Finland for their sound, with just a few others being easily compareable worldwide. You can hear influences from traditional synth-pop to central European EBM styles, while the melodies are strong with clean vocals. With lyrics and the overall atmosphere set in a particular way, they are also known for their intense and energetic live performances.

The band consists of Teemu Salo, Toni Viholainen and Erkka Pynnönen. Founding members Teemu and Toni came from a more traditional rock/pop background to arrive at this more electronic-based sound they play, which still affects their ways of making music for Ten After Dawn.

Preceded by several singles, Ten After Dawn released their EP "Best of Both Words" in April 2017. After their 2019 single, "CLUB", the Helsinki trio has toured and played gigs in Finland, Germany, Denmark, Russia, and the Baltics with bands like Covenant, Solar Fake, Solitary Experiments, and Suicide Commando, to name a few.

Their latest single, "Circles", was released on June 15th, 2022.




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